Biosystems Engineering

Our Biosystems Engineering (BE) program (formerly biological engineering) helps students prepare for careers in which they apply engineering principles to biological systems. We have a solid base of traditional engineering courses mixed with exposure in chemistry/biochemistry and the biological sciences. The electives in the BE program allow the student to focus an emphasis in biomedical engineering, environmental engineering, precision agriculture, or premedical studies. Many of our BE students choose to pursue further education in professional and graduate schools after finishing at Mississippi State. Students graduating over the past ten years have gone on to: Medical School, 25%; Graduate School in Engr (biomedical or environmental), 35%; Employment in Enviro, Biomed, Ag, and other Engr jobs, 30%; and other grad schools (MBA, dental, vet, law, etc), 10%.

Most of the jobs available to B.S. graduates of Biological Engineering are in the environmental area. We advise students interested in biomedical engineering to consider attending graduate school in order to be more competitive in the job market.


Undergraduate Biosystems Engineering students may choose the base biosystems engineering or from the following concentration and emphasis areas:

In addition, undergraduate students may also choose to minor in leadership or other areas, and several certificate programs in the Bagley College of Engineering are also available for interested students.

For more information:
Dr. Filip To
Undergraduate Coordinator for Biosystems and Biomedical Engineering
130 Creelman Street