BSE/BME Accelerated Program

The goal of the Accelerated Program in the Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering (ABE) is to enable highly qualified students to earn up to 9 hours of graduate course credit.

Students who complete approved graduate level courses (6000-level) will receive dual credit for the equivalent undergraduate course (4000-level).

See the MSU Graduate Bulletin for rules governing this program for more information on accelerated programs in the university.

To be accepted into the Accelerated Program, a student must:

  • be enrolled at Mississippi State University in the Biosystems or Biomedical Engineering major
  • be within 60 credit hours of completing the bachelor's degree
  • have an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher for all undergraduate work
  • submit an application to the undergraduate coordinator.

Once a student has been accepted into the Accelerated Program, he/she is eligible to enroll in graduate level courses. To do so, complete the Undergraduate Enrollment in Accelerated Program Form. Submit the completed form to your undergraduate advisor for processing before the first day of classes. A Late Fee will be assessed for late submissions.

Students interested in graduate study may apply during the final semester of the senior year following the standard procedures and deadlines: Admission is competitive and is contingent on availability of a suitable project and faculty advisor.