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Meet some of our current students

Adrian Andrews

Adrian Andrews - B.S., BME

Adrian Andrews, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, came to MSU as a first-generation college student, because after he visited it felt like a place he could call home and where people were valued and could feel comfortable and safe. “I also loved the fact that I could see stars at nighttime here, something I did not see often in Atlanta.” Adrian always wanted to be an engineer, specifically a mechanical engineer, but after taking an anatomy and physiology course in high school, he discovered a passionate interest in the human body and its maladies. “With biomedical engineering I can tie together my fascination with helping people medically and my desire to be an engineer.”

Ashleigh Dunaway

Ashleigh Dunaway - B.S., BE

Ashleigh Dunaway, a native of Ocean Springs, Mississippi, was drawn to MSU because her friends and family members who graduated from MSU shared their remarkable experiences with her.  “Two of my brothers graduated from MSU, and I saw that they received quality educations while acquiring professional skills and developing long-term relationships during their time at MSU.”  As Ashleigh searched for her college home, she was drawn to MSU’s culture and academics.  When deciding on a major, “I chose Biological Engineering (BE) because I loved biology and physics in high school and was interested in environmental restoration.”  She learned about ABE’s distinguished status in environmental research from her brother, who graduated from ABE’s biomedical engineering program in 2016.  He spoke very highly of the department and suggested she give it a try.  “After talking with my brother about my interests and career goals, I decided biological engineering was the right major for me.”

Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson - B.S., BME

Christopher Robinson, originally of Brookhaven, MS, and a first-generation college student, chose to attend MSU after his very first campus visit.  “Everyone I met from faculty to students made me feel part of the bulldog family.”  Chris was drawn to biomedical engineering (BME) because he “wanted the skill set to solve problems in the context of human health.” Chris’s route to engineering was based on his love for math and science, but he also loves to help others.  “I am interested in combining those passions to help people live longer, healthier lives. I have especially enjoyed the BME curricula because we study a broad array of topics relative to other engineering majors.”

Cole Bingham

Cole Bingham - B.S., AETB

Cole Bingham, a native of Trumann, Arkansas, first became acquainted with the MSU campus by coming to countless football and basketball games with his best friend and his best friend’s mother, who is a MSU alumnus.  After his first visit, Cole fell in love with MSU and Starkville.  “Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and it just felt like home.  MSU also offered a great and affordable education that provided me excellent opportunities to build my future career.” Growing up on his family’s farm, Cole was always intrigued by agriculture.  “I was first introduced to ABE and the AETB program as a high school student attending the Mid-South Farm and Gin show in Memphis, TN.  I met Dr. Chesser, and he told me all about the department and degree program.”

Conner Wright

Conner Wright - M.S., AETB

Conner Wright hails from the rural town of Gates, Tennessee, and he came to Mississippi State to pursue an M.S. in Engineering Technology.  In Fall 2021 he graduated from University of Tennessee at Martin with a B.S. in Agricultural Business and a concentration in Farm and Ranch Management.  When Conner investigated graduate school, he searched for a university that met his criteria for an excellent agricultural institution, including a strong program in precision agriculture.  “The main reason I chose the AETB graduate program was my interest in Precision Agriculture.  With the help of Drs. Chesser and Lowe, I found a research project that will help me excel in this field.”  Conner appreciates all his MSU professors and their desire to help him excel.  “They are all great people and extremely knowledgeable in the advanced technologies associated with precision agriculture.  In particular, Drs. Chesser and Lowe have helped me through everything graduate school has thrown at me so far.”

Dani Janus

Dani Janus - B.S., BE

Dani Janus, a native of Starkville, Mississippi and currently a sophomore majoring in biological engineering (BE), started out like many college students with difficulty in selecting a major.  “I knew I loved math and science pretty equally.  My dad is a retired MSU aerospace engineering professor, and he encouraged me to pursue BE since my favorite subject is biology and I have always been curious about engineering as a career.”

Haley Delcher

Haley Delcher - B.S., BME

Haley Delcher, a senior biomedical engineering (BME) student from Pensacola, FL, grew up with a passion for learning and discovering new things. “I took a liking to all my science classes in school, so I quickly realized that my future career would be science related. I chose BME because having knowledge in science, engineering, and math gives me a versatile skill set that is unique from other majors.” MSU was the first campus Haley visited where she felt at home. “Each professor has made me feel like I belong and am valued as a student.”

Harrison Broadaway

Harrison Broadaway - B.S., BME

Harrison Broadaway, a senior in the biomedical engineering (BME) program, grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi and enrolled at MSU in 2018. His father is an alumnus of Mississippi State and an avid sports fan, so the family made many trips down Highway 45 to Starkville for game days. “Having an interest in medicine and engineering, the BME program was very appealing with the challenging coursework, numerous research opportunities, and invaluable connections within the ABE department. I always knew MSU had a renowned engineering program, but my official visit confirmed my decision to attend the university.  Being on campus felt like being at home, and so I knew I wanted to spend my next four years at MSU.”

Jennifer Hinton

Jennifer Hinton - B.S., BME

Jennifer Hinton, a senior in Biomedical Engineering (BME), grew up in Horn Lake, MS.  Her original dream was to write music for movies while sharing her passion for music with students.  “I applied to MSU as a Music Education major because I loved the music faculty here.  However, all the years of severe noise exposure from band and choir worsened my congenital partial hearing loss and gave me tinnitus as well. With my ears ringing nonstop, I had to consider a new career…  As my condition declined in my last year of high school and my search for treatment came up empty, I realized how many people like me struggle to cope without a cure or certain treatment for tinnitus.”  Because math and science came easily to her, Jennifer investigated MSU’s reputable BME program.  “I decided to switch to Biomedical Engineering to help solve the problem of tinnitus.”  ABE’s courses related to biology, engineering topics like electronics and computer coding, as well as design and research, have given her a broad foundation she can apply to study cellular mechanisms of tinnitus and potentially to design or improve devices like hearing aids to relieve the problem.

Kamryn Davis

Kamryn Davis - B.S., BME

Kamryn Davis, originally from Jackson, Mississippi, initially considered attending college elsewhere to be different from her family members; her dad and both her sisters graduated from MSU. However, a visit at MSU with one of her sisters when Kamryn was a high school senior changed her mind. “During that visit I started to pay more attention to the campus and the people. This may sound like a cliché, but I truly felt like MSU was where I was supposed to be.”

Kamryn also followed her oldest sister in choosing biomedical engineering as her major. “When I was growing up, I knew I wanted to attend medical school, but I also knew I can be indecisive, so I chose engineering in case my college journey led me in a different direction.” She knew majoring in engineering would open doors to many other opportunities if she changed her mind about medical school.

Luke Tucker

Luke Tucker - M.S., BME

Luke Tucker, a native of Tupelo, MS, had ties to MSU from a young age.  His aunt completed her MBA, and his older brother earned a B.S. in chemical engineering, both from MSU. “As I became passionate about engineering in high school, I also wanted to pursue a medical degree, so ABE’s biological engineering (BE) program was a logical choice.”  As an undergraduate BE student, Luke worked in Dr. Lauren Priddy’s lab and thoroughly enjoyed the research being conducted there.  This research experience, as well as ABE’s new official program in biomedical engineering (BME), led him to pursue an M.S. in BME at MSU after he finished his B.S. in BE.  “I was able to continue my research on novel treatments for osteomyelitis alongside Dr. Priddy by starting on a master’s degree.  My project focuses on developing a natural polysaccharide-based hydrogel that is loaded with antibiotics to treat a Staph infection in bone.”  Luke’s research has afforded him numerous opportunities to present his research professionally.  Most recently, he presented his research at the Orthopaedic Research Society annual meeting, where he also learned new research techniques and networked with other orthopedic researchers.

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