Senior Design Class of 2008 Went Off Smoothly

April 24, 2008

Final Presentation of the 2008 Senior Design (ABE4122 – Practice of Engineering Design) was conducted Thursday April 24th in room 141 of the new ABE building. The presentation went smoothly, there ware a total of 12 projects presented and they were fantastic!!

The following are the project titles and the team members:

1 Hair Washing System for Wheelchair-Bound Persons Team Members: Britney Sowell, Jeral Self
2 Body Feature Analyzer Team Members: Jason Street, Ron Wilson, Rachel Cranford
3 Easy-On-Easy-Off Shower Prosthetic Team Members: Haley Brown, John Michael O’Neal, Kelly Duremus, Jesica Hale
4 Always-On Helmet Team Members: Keith Klaus
5 Adhesive Foot Support Team Members: Rachel Benefield, ANna Rowley
6 Small Angle Light Scattering (SALS) Device Team Members: Lauren Beatty, Karen Parks, Katie Culpepper, Charla Lindley
7 Biker Cadence Synchrono-Monitor with Tone Adjustment Team Members: Steven Mason, Austin Moody, Brandon Smith
8 High Altitude Wireless Oxygen Monitor Team Members: Sarah Herrington, Ferrell Alman, Jessica Stubbs
9 Coastal Erosion Management Team Members: Mary ANderson, Jaimee Jones
10 Photovoltaic System for the Sustainable House at Mississippi State University Team Members: Sarah Duffy
11 Engineering Articular Cartilage Via Modified Bioreactor Team Members: Joseph Chen, John Clemmer, Scott Tran
12 X-Pilot: Autopilot Solutions Team Members: Britny Penland, C. Edwards, J. Lasseigne, W. Overstreet

The seniors participated in a catfish fry dinner at the basement of the building following the final presentation session and had a chance to wind down with fellow students in BE and AETB. A Southern Cotton Ginners Association Scholarship was awardded to Josph Mc Daniel (AETB senior)..