ABE Students Won Undergraduate Research Awards

April 25, 2008

Six BE undergraduate students will be honored in the Annual Research Awards Banquet on Tuesday April 29th 2008 at the Hunter Henry Center for their excellence in research. The students are a part of the MSU iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) team. This is a team of students from the MSU Synthetic Biology Club (MSUSBC) that represented MSU in iGEM competitions at MIT in 2006 and 2007. They were nominated for the award for their great work that represent excellence in undergraduate research at MSU in the past 2 years. The team won Honorable Mention in their design and implementation of an E-coil Hydrogen Detector in 2006, and they won Bronze medal for their design and implementation of Ubiquetin testing accelerator in 2007. iGEM competition is really challenging because it is a global competition. The team competed against people from universities around the world including MIT, Harvard, Duke, UC San Francisco, Slovenia, Tokyo, Peking, Munich, Edinburgh, etc..

The undergraduate students receiving this award are:

Lauren Beatty, Senior
James Kastrantas, Senior
Caleb Dulaney, Sophomore
Samuel Pote, Sophomore
Joseph Chen, Senior
Scott Tran, Senior

We are really proud of our students. Congratulations!