Curriculum – Biomedical Concentration

Biomedical Engineering is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field of engineering that integrates engineering and biomedical and life sciences to solve problems associated with the human body and human health. A formal Concentration in Biomedical Engineering is now offered at the B.S level in the Biological Engineering curriculum for students who chose to pursue Biomedical Engineering as a career. Biomedical Engineering programs are offered through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the Bagley College of Engineering.

Students in the Biomedical Engineering Concentration will gain knowledge in biomechanics, biomaterials, bioinstrumentation, physiology, and other topics germane to the field. The undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Concentration is excellent preparation for students wishing to pursue graduate studies in Biomedical Engineering. The Biomedical Engineering Concentration is listed as a separate curriculum option and is recorded on the student's transcripts.

Flowcharts & Electives

Freshman Year - Fall Semester

BIO 1134Biology I4
MA 1713Calculus I3
EN 1103English Composition I3
ABE 1912Computer Problem Solving in Biosystems Engineering1
CH 1213Chemistry I3
CH 1211Chemistry I Lab1
Soc/Beh Elective3
Total Credit Hours18

Freshman Year - Spring Semester

ABE 1921Intro to Engineering Design1
MA 1723Calculus II3
EN 1113English Composition II3
CH 1223Fundamentals of Chemistry II3
CH 1221Investigation of Chemistry II1
PH 2213Physics I3
Humanities Elective3
Total Credit Hours17

Sophomore Year - Fall Semester

MA 2733Calculus III3
MA 3123Intro to Stat Inference3
EM 2413Engineering Mechanics I3
CH 2503Elem Organic3
CH 2501Elem Organic Lab1
PH 2223Physics II3
Total Credit Hours16

Sophomore Year - Spring Semester

ABE 4803Biosystems Simulation3
MA 2743Calculus IV3
EM 2433Engineering Mechanics II3
Engineering/Math Elective3
Bio Science Elective3
Total Credit Hours15

Junior Year - Fall Semester

ABE 3413Bioinstrumentation I3
MA 3253Differential Equations3
BCH 4013Princ of Bio Chem3
EM 3213Mechanics of Materials3
ABE 4911Engineering Seminar1
Soc/Beh Elective3
Total Credit Hours16

Junior Year - Spring Semester

ABE 4423Bioinstrumentation II3
ABE 3813Biophysical Properties of Materials3
BIO 3304General Microbiology4
ABE 3303Transport in Biological Environments3
ABE Elective 3
Total Credit Hours16

Senior Year - Fall Semester

GE 3513Tech Writing3
ABE 4323Phys system3
ABE 4813Prin. of Eng. Design3
Engineering Elective3
ABE Elective3
Total Credit Hours15

Senior Year - Spring Semester

ABE 4833Practice of Engineering Design3
EM 3313Fluid Mechanics3
Fine Arts Elective3
Humanities Elective3
Engineering/Math Elective3
Total Credit Hours15